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Under TISSA-UUM and the ACCA Malaysia, the Professional Program Committee and ACCA-UUM Students Ambassador jointly organised second ACCA Accelerate Briefing and Registration Day in year 2022 on 27 December 2022. Mr Peter Gabriel was invited to share on ACCA qualifications. His briefing has covered the background of ACCA, benefits of pursuing ACCA, ACCA Careers and ACCA Programmes information.

The event’s objectives are to help TISSA-UUM students better understand ACCA qualifications and the procedures to register as an ACCA Accelerate student. The session was conducted virtually and there were 63 attendees consist of Mr Peter Gabriel (Business Relationship Manager of ACCA Maritime South East Asia), Dr Dzarfan Abdul Kadir (Professional Programme Chair at TISSA-UUM), ACCA UUM Student Ambassadors Team and TISSA-UUM students.

For further information about ACCA and other professional programs under TISSA, please contact Dr Zaimah Abdullah at 04 9287338 or Dr Dzarfan at 012 5494330.

Prepared by: Dr Zaimah Abdullah